There are times when the tester is happy to jump at something. Yes, that was our current Frutta Max syrup test, which we got from Yuva's CEO, Ági.

What good thing are we doing?

Don't think so! We have to taste seven kinds of syrups and again and again…

Let's start with the packaging

The exterior design is unconscious good! Beautiful colors and the whole bottle, I want to say PET is fully foiled. On the one hand, it makes it nicer and has more space for information. It’s really very appealing and the foil at the cap is perforated so we can open it more easily. After opening it, I saw that there is not only a screw lock, but a small measuring vessel for measuring 0.25 liters, 0.5 liters and 1 liter of concentrate. This is a very good idea because not only are we paying attention to selling the product and pushing down the cost of production as much as possible, but for us who will drink them.

The product has a 50% fruit content!

The full article can be read here: http://tesztvilag.hu/2017/10/29/frutta-max-szorpoket-kostoltunk/ 

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