Inauguration of Bence Apáti

A lot has been revealed about Bence Apáti in recent years, he is a great ballet artist and father, he likes to travel and is a real showman. However, few people know that he loves football and is a committed supporter of the Kispest team.

“I’ve been living and dying for football since I was a kid and not only watch, but I also enjoy playing with my sons, Mika and Kadosa. I like to play a leading midfielder and give balls to the boys who kick the goals. I was very happy when I was invited to the Media Team to introduce myself to the audience at a summer soccer tournament in Esztergom. Bence remembers. - I thought it was a task for me, but they were pretty mysterious to my teammates thinking something was going against me. Arriving at the Aquasziget Adventure Bath, it was revealed to me that our opponent would be the 1995 BL small field team of Ferencváros. Lot - Keller - Szeiler - Szucs were familiar names in the field with me, but I have always been in the Kispest opponents. I was a little scared, but I thought I should stand up to Fradi as a kid from Kispest, ”he laughs.

But it wasn’t just that one surprise the day had in store for Bence.

"To be part of the FruttaMax Media National Team, every new member has to go through an initiation ritual," says Attila Müller, who himself stood the test of time. name."

“Thank God they invented something else for me. - takes the floor Apáti - The lobby of the Portobello Hotel was set up as an obstacle course, where I tested my ball driving skills, then I had to show a bicycle trick with a real bike, and finally we could only start beach soccer at Aquasziget if I stood in asparagus between the two gates. ” - recalls the tests - I passed the exam both on the field and on the beach. The rehearsals didn't fall so hard for me, but during the football I unfortunately sometimes wanted to run out of air, then I asked for a replacement with Ricky so I got through the match as well. The guests of the hotel and the spa had a lot of fun on my stuttering stumbles, but they also pushed me, which went well. By evening, the pool was back, of course we threw ourselves into the water in clothes. ”

Of course, Ferencváros closed the tournament with a victory, but the real winner of the day was the audience and Bence Apáti, who became a full member of the FruttaMax Media Team.